Embellir is excited to present to you our newest one-of-a-kind designs. I find the most unique hue variations or one-time mine finds which lend themselves to making the most intriguing designs everyone will rave about. Color is the zest of life. Great attention to the right combination of color is taken in all pieces. Each piece is designed with fun and functionality in mind.

We offer in the Gallery a full line of our own unique custom designed Jewelry for you to select from, however, if you need something not on hand, we will custom order it for you in a quick manner.

Precious Metal Scrapping: Turn in your old gold, silver, and platinums for cash or store credit. Make those items sitting around collecting dust work for you while the markets are high.

Appraisals: It is important to have Appraisals on your valuable jewelry items. We can prepare documents for insurance companies for a replacement situation, documents for attorneys for an Estate situation, and documents for attorneys for a Bankruptcy situation. We will gladly sort your items to help determine what is in need of appraisal before any are performed. If you are shopping for an appraiser of jewelry, be sure you select one who graduated from the Gemological Instite of America (GIA) for a quality appraisal.

Repairs: We are a full service shop for all your jewelry repairs; sizing, soldering, restringing, resetting, engraving, etc. We can service most watch repair needs, each case viewed on an individual basis and quote.

Custom Design: Recycle, recycle, recycle!! We take all of your unworn items and create new pieces better suited to your current lifestyle and tastes. Or, select one of our many loose gemstones on hand and have something created just for your occasion. Add a new colored stone to your design, make those old earrings into a shiny new ring, but most of all - enjoy wearing your jewelry.

Free Gift Wrapping: We offer gift wrapping on all of our sales. A pretty package enhances the excitement of a gift and we make every gift special.

Friendly Service Staff: All guests are greeted quickly and pleasantly. Your relaxed shopping experience is our goal. Professional Gemologist on staff to answer all questions. 

Return Policy: No Refunds - store credit or merchandise exchange only.