Colored Gemstones


January Birthstone: Garnet


February Birthstone: Amethyst


 phoca thumb m3 mar aquamarine

March Birthstone: Aquamarine



April Birthstone: Diamond


May Birthstone: Emerald



June Birthstone: Pearl/Alexandrite




July Birthstone: Ruby



                                                      phoca thumb m aug peridot

August Birthstone: Peridot


September Birthstone: Sapphire


October Birthstone: Tourmaline/Opal


November's birthstone is Citrine!! Anything in the store with birthstone of the month is 25% off! We also are including Tiger's Eye and Smokey Quartz in this months sale!!

November Birthstone: Topaz/Citrine


    Gemstone photo image  Gemstone photo image

December Birthstone: Blue Topaz/Tanzanite/Zircon