It is important to have Appraisals on your valuable jewelry items, a document to give to your insurance company containing accurate details of what you own so if a replacement occurs, you receive the same quality item you lost. If you receive as a gift or inheret an item, we can help you discern the need for an appraisal or not. In an estate situation, all pieces need to be itemized and recorded for either sale or dispersion. We will gladly sort your items and only appraise those pieces of higher dollar value.

The Gemological Institute of America has set up a world wide recognized system of consistant grading. An appraisal done by one of their Gemologists can be read like a medical chart by another Gemologist in a consistant language with high scrutiny. If you are shopping for an appraiser for jewelry, be sure you select one who graduated from the Gemological Instite of America (GIA) for a quality appraisal. Just being a jeweler does not make an Appraiser.

Our rates are $75.00 an item, all gemstones, measurements, and weights will be identified in GIA terminology. A photo of the item will be on the document as well as a signature with title. Copies will be supplied for agents. Prices may vary due to the quantity of items or length of time to execute the appraisal.